Cleopatra Plus Slots

Cleopatra must surely be one of the biggest-ever hits from IGT. It was probably predictable that they would release a sequel then, called Cleopatra Plus. The image of Cleo’s eyes appears here just as it does in the original, along with the same logo. So, what does the plus part of the game bring us?

Reels and win lines

The game provides us with five reels and 40 paylines to enjoy.

Which coins can you play with?

With a minimum of a cent per line, you can begin play with a small bet. The largest total bet reaches $100 at most.

Which special icons should you look for?

The Cleopatra Plus icon is the wild in this game. She can appear on every reel and there is the chance she can appear stacked as well. Only the scatters cannot be replaced by this icon. The scatters in this game are followers, and they have a vital role to play.

Are there bonus features involved?

Yes, and plenty of them too. This game introduces unlockable features, granted when you reach a certain level of followers. There are various deities who can collect followers for you. There are eight levels involved in the slot, and as you reach each new level, new parts of the game unlock for you.

You must attain 0-49 followers to get the Alexandria bonus map. From there, you can move on to unlock the Nile River Valley map, additional scatters, new deities, and eventually the Pyramid of Giza map and ultimately the Super Spin feature on the map.

This is one game that should absolutely be played in practice mode first. You can then get an idea of how you will collect followers. It will also make it clear that longer periods of play bring more involvement in the game. That’s obviously the idea, and it could be something you really enjoy.

Download and enjoy a game of Cleopatra Plus slots today

Anyone who enjoyed the original Cleopatra game will love what they find here. The Plus part of the title describes what you will get very nicely. However, it does not go into depth on the sheer number of bonuses and features included in the game. With lots of variety here, this is one sequel that manages to overpower the original and successful game by some margin. Play it today and you’ll see what we mean.