WGS Casinos

When WGT pulled out of the US, it was RTG that remained the only online casinos for US players. When WGS returned, you could hear the shouts of joy around the nation as all the fabulous slot games returned. One of the most popular of them all is Cleopatra Slots. Cleopatra's Pyramid is perhaps the most well known of all of this Queen’s slot games. You can play it at all our WGS online casinos that are known as the best WGS Cleopatra Casinos. The slot itself is stunning in its design, lucrative in its value, and entertaining overall due to the historical nature of Cleopatra. If you check the list below, you may be surprised at all of the Cleopatra casinos that exist. Thus, we invite you to visit these US casinos and play Cleopatra Slots; the game that still remains as the top choice slot game as well as top choice brand for US players.