Bonus Slot Machines

Bonus slot machines vary quite a bit from one software company to another. Some bonus games are slightly easier to get to than others, but in most cases the extra action is a key attraction for slot veterans. The variety ranges from simply getting a particular symbol on the third reel of a three-reel slot, for example. Most bonus entries are only available when the player bets the maximum amount. It’s best to look for wild symbols or symbols that are explained as being the “key” to the bonus game. It’s common to find free spins as a bonus to be used during the regular slots game. You may also find added rounds from a “scatter” symbol. Players generally consider bonus games to be the best in payouts, and some players will play nothing else. With bonus slot machines, it’s possible to be surprised, have some extra fun, and maybe win a few extra dollars or spins.

Here are some examples:

Play Light Speed Slots at Bovada Casino

Play Light Speed SlotsLight Speed Slots is very close to the real slots experience, with nice sounds and graphics. The added bonus game doesn’t hurt either. The idea behind bonus slot machines is to give the player a little something extra, such as a separate game that takes a few seconds but can add to the bankroll. In Light Speed , the bonus-game symbol on the reel is the light speed meter.When a light speed symbol comes up, it starts function as a multiplier on the next winning spin (up to seven times multiplier). You have to remember that only maximum coin bets (which is 3 coins or $0,75) will affect the Light Speed multiplier.

Play Chiefs Fortune Slots

Chiefs Fortune SlotsChiefs Fortune is a different sort of bonus slot. It’s a three-reel game with the standard choices of betting 1, 2 or 3 (max). The bonus feature is only available with max bet and you have to gather all five of the magic arrows as they appear to advance to the bonus feature. This is much different than the Cash Grab example given above. A longer session on Chiefs Fortune didn’t get the player to the bonus game, while the player nabbed some extra money three times from the Cash Grab bonus action.

Bonus Information on Bonus Slots

If your choice of action is 5--reel video slots, you are probably in the market for free spins on regular play. Winnings are often doubled or even tripled with this variety of slot play. You may also want to watch for 20-payline and 25-payline games with bonus rounds or games. Players in the United States will have to be satisfied with fewer choices in bonus slots, though several casinos offer great bonus play for those in the U.S. Our two examples above were on sites that accept U.S. players. When it comes to bonus slot machines, try a few and focus on the games that really allow you to benefit from bonus play.