Land Based Slot Machines

Originally, the slot machines were used by land based casinos to encourage the ladies to play penny slots while their partners where playing the big bucks on the table games. Over the years, this has changed and the slots have become the main feature at many online and land based casinos. In fact, slots are considered to be a multi million dollar industry when taking into account the land based and online slots.

From the One Armed Bandit to Video Slots

Land based slot machines come in many different forms; from the traditional slot machines known as the one armed bandit where you literally have to pull the lever to spin the reels, to the more modern video slots that have a computer chip inside of them and a random number generator determining the wins. Both types of slots still appear at land based casinos and in some of the better known casinos in Vegas, you can hear the clink of the coins before you even see the machines.

Every Theme Under the Sun

As with online slots, the land based slot machines feature different themes. Some run a number of themes or groups of slots together and you can even win a progressive jackpot with a land based slot machine that runs between a number of different machines. Learning how to use the land based slot machines in some ways is a little more difficult than playing the online slot machines as there is no practice mode. You have to jump in and place bets by inserting coins into the machine to start playing. But on the other hand, the physical reward of hearing the coins tumble down as you win cannot be 100% reproduced online. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of slots, when playing online there is definitely more of a range of slots to choose from, but when you play at a land based casino you do have the extra human element with many spectators crowding around you especially if you are on a winning streak.

3 Reel, 5 Reel and AWP Slots

The video slots at land based casinos can be made up of a number of different type of slots. There is the traditional 3 reel slot machine that generally has only 1 payline and the opportunity to place up to 3 coins per spin. Some of these machines have added bonus rounds or wild symbols that add to the interest and excitement of the game. The video slot or 5 reel slot is made up of different themes with multiple paylines. Many of these offer bonus rounds and extra features that lead to even more winnings. And then there are the progressive slots, where you play the regular game with the option of also trying to win the progressive jackpot.

Excitement and Rewards

Whether you choose land based slots or online slots, the excitement is the same and the rewards are equally as good. It is nice to get to know the different games online and then visit a real casino for real land based slots games. You won’t be disappointed. There are endless themes and endless opportunities to win and enjoy yourself when playing land based slots.