Pharaohs Tomb Slots

Pharaohs Tomb Slots is not Available for US Players

Pharaohs Tomb Slots is no doubt a great slot game but here’s the problem, US players cannot enjoy it because of the current legislation that is in place with GEO restrictions. US players must make alternate plans in order to enjoy online casinos and to partake in various slot games.

The Red Tape

Many US casino providers are being forced to make decisions about maintaining their US presence. Barney Frank has been a loud voice for overturning the IUGEA Law. New Jersey is in the limelight for the bill claiming it will generate jobs and bring money into the state. Hopefully, others find this attractive and follow suit.

The good news is that here are some casinos that do accept US players and they have a lot of slot options.

Slot Alternatives for US Players

Here are some slot games that are similar to that of Pharaoh’s Tomb slots and can be played instead. Aztec’s Treasure Slots is a good start. Check out The Book of Ra Slots, Caesars ’Empire Slots, Cleopatra’s Gold Slots, Cleopatra, Desert Treasure Slots, and Queen of the Nile Slots. These are all comparable slots to Pharaoh’s Tomb slots.

Reform in the Works

Because of the enactment of the UIGEA Law and the Wire Act there are some obstacles to get past. Laws to legalize online gambling are awaiting a decision. Many people just don’t quite understand what all this is about. One day US players could play anywhere and suddenly they were banned. This situation was enforced by former President Bush. It included, among other things, a federal ban on banking institutions knowledgeably transferring monies to companies or persons that could conduct gambling in states and areas where gambling is illegal.

In the interim, US players have alternatives and none which are second rate. Actually, you will not even notice a difference. The most important thing is to find the right US casinos and then follow a few suggested game choices. Many of the above suggestions are very similar to Pharaohs Tomb Slots with the Aztec civilization style theme. Check out your favorite US friendly casino now!

Never before have 5,000 year-old dead Egyptians been this much fun! Pharaohs Tomb slots puts you right in the middle of the cradle of civilization. Pyramids dotted the skylines of ancient Cairo, the Nile glistened and flowed through the heart of the land, and the golden sands shown like doubloons as far as the eye could see. Pharaohs Tomb slots brings to life the majesty of a magnificent era of human history.

Pharaohs Tomb Game Play

Pharaohs Tomb is a 5-reel, 20-payline slots game. As is typical with a multi-line slot, each coin you deposit will activate an additional line. Thus, 20 coins would be the max you could play. And playing this many lines gives you the best chance of winning a massive payout. Your maximum bet is 1 Dollar, Euro, or Pound per payline, meaning that your maximum wager per spin is going to be $/£/€ 20. Of course, if you’re not a high-rolling slots player, you can wager a little as 1 cent per line. Either way, I have found that the best strategy for winning is to make sure to play 20 lines on every spin. I’ve never been sure how these 5-reel video slots game work, but I do know that when I see all those lines light up, I am sure to hear lots of coins falling into my cup!

Exquisite Designs of Pharaohs Tomb Slots

The graphics on Pharaohs Tomb are second to none! Its clear that the designers put a lot of time and effort into the details of the game icons and symbols. The way that the letters and numbers on the reels have been designed to look like hieroglyphics is an outstanding touch. There are quite a few cool icons on each reel, including excavation packs, ancient jewelry, mummified kings, and scrolls. But my favorite symbol has to be the archaeologist’s head! With his scruffy beard and safari hat, he reminds me of my grandfather each time his face appears.

Pharaohs Tomb Bonus Round

Hit three Scarab Brooch symbols and you are off the bonus round! There, you will take the role of a tomb raider in search of the Pharaohs lost treasure. In front of you will be three tombs. Select the correct one and you’ll be stuffing your pockets with all the treasure you can carry. Pick the wrong one and you’ll leave the tomb empty-handed. But not to worry, you’ll have another chance to redeem yourself in the future.

Where to Play Pharaohs Tomb Slots

A game as exciting as this can only be found at the web’s most exciting casinos. Spin Palace Casino, All Slots Casino and Ladbrokes Casino have the proven track-record of quality customer support, massive bonuses, and respectability that players are looking for. You’ll find Pharaohs Tomb and a whole host of other awesome games at these establishments. There’s no time like the present to get started winning!