Queen Of Kings Slots

Bovada Casino is back on the ball with a return to the wonders of ancient Egypt in Queen of Kings casino slot game. This online 5 reel romp in the golden desert centers on the loveliest queen in all of human history, Cleopatra. This ancient seductress is synonymous with the mysterious lands and times of that era, for her “conquests” of both Roman emperors Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar. Eventually, she would go on to be just as powerful, herself; ruling all of Egypt with a delicate but iron hand. It wouldn’t be a man that felled her, but a poisonous snake that sent her to join her illustrious forebears. In Queen of Kings slots, you will troupe through the Egyptian lands searching for lost treasure, rumored to have been secretly hidden after Cleopatra’s passing and the fall of her kingdom Alexandria. Download now Bovada Casino to uncover a couple of millennia of royal riches and fill your own coffers with Egyptian gold.

Egyptian-themed Symbols

In your quest to erect your own empire, built on the riches of long-dead paragons, you will try your luck on the reels with the many symbols in Queen of Kings slots: The lovely visage of Cleopatra, herself, makes an appearance as a prominent symbol. There are also the normal card suits; ethnic Egyptian emblems, the holy golden panther symbol, the golden scarab and more items recognizable from Egyptian lore and legend.

Queen of Kings Gameplay Details

After you head on over to Bovada Casino and download now, you’ll experience the generous bonuses available in Queen of Kings slots. If you happen to land at least three scatter symbols across the reels, you luck into the Golden Scarab bonus, which provides you with a whopping ten spins. Furthermore, each one of these free spins may contain an extra golden Scarab, possibly extending your gameplay and winning stash. Additionally, the Golden Scarab’s free spin attribute can be re-triggered.

There are no pre-established Wilds in Queen of Kings; this is a random feature that allows any symbol to potentially become a Wild – even Scatter symbols. Not to worry, though; your Scatters will still pay out if beset by a Wild. The feature supports up to 15 Wilds on the reels, and your wins are multiplied by a number between two and ten inclusive. Scatter wins, as is becoming more and more common with the newer slot games, are multiplied by the total amount of money you’ve bet.

Queen of Kings is a progressive jackpot slot, although the feature has a twist: it’s random. This means you didn’t actually have to start out with a high wager in order to be eligible to win the kinds of prizes usually reserved for the whales with deep-pockets. Even better, the random progressive jackpot is tacked on to what you really won after your most recent spin.

Cleopatra’s Game

Queen of Kings is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot available right now at Bovada Casino, and accepts starting bets as low as a penny per payline, or as high as $5 per. With all the in-game incentives, as well as the new player bonuses at Bovada, you’re virtually guaranteed a great time in the ancient lands as soon as you download now.