Treasure Nile Slots

Treasure Nile is credited as being the first ever slot to be released on the Microgaming platform, and comes with all the usual flair you might expect on a video slot. Just because it’s old doesn’t always mean it’s bad though, and Treasure Nile is a perfect example of a game that does everything it needs to, without packing on a bunch of unnecessary extras in between to distract or annoy the player.

If you’re someone who likes a slot that has features like free spins or bonus rounds, unfortunately you might find yourself a bit disappointed with Treasure Nile and the type of gaming experience it has to offer.

Great Fun

It joins a pedigree of other Egyptian themed games that cover everything from the deserts to the pyramids to the people who built them, and still manages to shine among a rather crowded market. Usually Egyptian slots do the best for casinos, as they invoke feelings of treasure hunting, fossil finding, and bone digging for all the people who are into the idea of finding a lost mummy’s tomb stacked to the ceiling with potential riches.

Coin size in the Nile is fixed at 0.50, which means the max bet you can reach per spin equals $4.50 across the 9 available paylines. The wild symbol is represented by the Giza Pyramid, and can substitute for any winning payline on the board (excluding scatters). Strike three of the elusive scatter Scarabs in one spin, and your reward will be multiplied by the total number of credits you’ve put down and the paylines you’ve played.

It also has a great reputation for paying out, which is one of the main reasons why so many people still run this progressive jackpot over $100,000 every couple of months.


Everyone loves a slot with AutoPlay, and even though this concept somewhat diminishes the original concept of what the game is supposed to be about, that fact alone shouldn’t be enough to remove the option entirely. Personally I like to use this while I’m talking with someone online, working on emails, or watching a movie in another corner. It lets me tune in when something good happens, and leave the rest of the stuff to the computer, so if there’s a game out there which has it I’m always on board with anything they try to do.

Great graphics and a comprehensive soundbank echo the well-known dedication of the developers over at Microgaming, and even though this was the first game they ever made, the age only shows around the edges.