Paste and Play

When you are looking for ways to make your online gaming quest simpler you should know that casinos are doing the same. In an attempt to do just that many casinos are now accepting a form of payment called Paste and Play. The process is very straightforward and is becoming quite popular.

How to begin

First, you simply register, which makes you a member. Do this on their website. There is no charge whatsoever to do this but the process does require verification. Verification includes confirming a pin number and having that number sent to a mobile phone, which means that a valid mobile number is required to complete the process. You must also have a valid credit card too since each time you use Paste & Pay your credit card will be used to complete the transaction. You must also have a Social Security number as well.

How it works

You will use a prepaid voucher system and accumulate vouchers as you purchase them. As they are used they will be removed from your account. As you purchase the Paste & Pay vouchers you will receive an email confirmation that they have been accepted into your account. Basically, these vouchers are the same as cash. Your credit card account will be charged immediately when you use it to buy vouchers.

No hidden fees

Vouchers are free and there are no monthly or annual charges. Paste and pay is accepted globally. The Paste and Pay vouchers can be used by any merchant that accepts this system. Many casinos have registered to use Paste and Pay and more are signing up everyday! Never worry, the vouchers do not have an expiration date. This is a great choice for players from the US to avoid problems with credit card processing. The maximum limits for Paste and Pay are $1,200 daily and $5,000 weekly.


Paste and Pay is an extremely safe and secure method of paying for online purchases. Paste and Pay is PCI certified and is audited annually by the card association. Paste and Pay is one of the newest and most secure and effective ways to process gambling deposits. Online casinos were among the first to recognize and adopt Paste and Pay. The reason for this is the high level of security that Paste and Pay offers.